Saturday, March 12, 2011

VT-15 Vibration Machine

If you are looking for a whole body vibration machine, look no further. The VT-15 vibration machine is the top of the line in high frequency, low amplitude vibration training fitness. 10 Minute Fitness can show you how to use a whole body vibration machine to get great fitness results with just 10 minutes of fitness vibration exercise machine training a day! Our trainers can guide you through the vibration training process, where we show you how to use the vibration machine, demonstrate some vibration training exercises, and get you used to using the vibration exercise machine.

The features of  VT-15 tzone vibration machine in our studio

  • New Design
  • 8 Exercise programs
  • 3 Led Screen
  • 70 Speed Adjustments with different level
  • Ergonomic design
  • Full Warranty
  • FDA approval

At 10 Minute Fitness we like the VT-15 vibration machine because of the quality of its vibration plate and how easy it is to use as a whole body vibration machine. It has room to do many different types of vibration training, allowing you to add a great deal of variety to your vibration machine routine. It’s so simple anyone can use a whole body vibration machine. All you need to do to get great vibration training is do your normal exercises on the vibration exercise machine and due to the vibration, your training will go up to a whole new level! The vibration plate of the VT-15 vibration machine is close to the ground, so you can also use it as a ledge for step aerobics or a vibration training yoga support. The VT-15 vibration machine’s modest stature combined with its power make it a great vibration exercise machine.

If you have never tried a vibration machine, then we will also be happy to introduce you to one. Even a powerhouse like VT-15 vibration machine is very friendly to new users! 10 Minute Fitness’ expert trainers will help you get acquainted with the whole body vibration machine experience gently and gradually.
But why should you use a vibration exercise machine? What makes a whole body vibration machine different from any other vibration exercise machine? The answer is in the vibration plate. The whole body vibration machine that we use is specially built to deliver targeted vibration from the plate to all parts of your body, activating your muscles and joints. It stimulates the circulation in your whole body. The vibration machine allows you to supercharge your exercise by forcing all your muscles to work together to stabilize you; only a vibration exercise machine can deliver that! Try a vibration exercise machine today.


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