Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Minute Fitness

Are you overweight? Want to lose weight? Don’t have time to join a gym? Well, this is not only your case. You can find laths of people with similar wishes and problems. But thanks to some fitness freak technologists. They have come up with a fantastic solution. You can call it 10 minute fitness solution. This is actually a machine which allows you to do no exercise but lose weight and come back in shape. And you not only gain a shapely body but also derive numerous health benefits like improved blood circulation, increase in muscle mass which further benefits you in maintaining body weight. You also get mental peace and improved self-esteem. Sound physical health promotes mental health and the effect of using the vibration machine on y our body shape makes you feel confident about yourself. Let’s collect some basic information about this 10 minutes fitness solution.

Vibration Machine Overview
A standard vibration machine basically has two parts, vibration platform and two handle bars, each on the side. The former has a vibrating plate underneath to generate vibrations while the latter are meant for support. A vibration machine may come equipped with accessories such as a pad to sit on, a power-moderating switch to be held by hands and straps to fasten to the sides of the vibration machine.

Vibration Machine Work Strategy
You might be wondering how you lose weight on a vibration machine. Well, it involves simple biology. When you stand on the running vibrating platform, an insecured environment gets created inside your body. This directs your brain to work all the parts together so as to maintain balance. In this process, your body loses some weight, gains muscle mass and strengthens the already existing muscles. Your body also derives numerous health benefits similar to those obtained by working out. This includes improved blood circulation and body parts co-ordination.

Vibration Machine Instructions
Before setting your foot on a vibration machine, you need to be aware of the contraindications. For an example, it is not meant for you if you are pregnant, have any sort of tumor, suffer from high blood pressure or have undergone surgery in the recent past.

You need to maintain a correct posture while making use of this 10 minute fitness solution. Proper body alignment carries utmost importance. When you are performing exercise on the vibration machine, be sure that your body weight in on your toes, your heels are slightly elevated and your knees are slightly bent. 

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Vibration Plate - It is a Scam?

Losing weight with vibration plate exercises

Every individual desires to get rid of the excess fat and get a slim and well shaped figure. For achieving this they do various tasks. One of the modern and easy ways of losing weight is by using the vibration plate and performing the vibration exercise. Whenever the users think of losing weight the first thing that comes to mind is going to a gym or buying exercise equipment at home. The market is flourishing with different types exercise machines. You need to choose machines carefully as each brand promises to provide the best machine that will help you to build muscles and tone body shape. One of the popular exercise machines at present is vibration plate that has really helped the people to achieve the body shape they want to. If you have the vibration machine at home you can really transform your body shape in short period of time by doing simple exercises.

Effective uses of vibration plates

Many users have a question in mind whether the vibration machine is a scam. Some also want to know if everyone can use the vibration plate for losing weight. Well the vibration machine is the most effective way to lose weight and this can be used by anyone anytime. Basically you will find a base plate on the vibration machine on which one has to stand to perform the exercise. When you stand on the vibration plate and hold the handles of the machine the machine will start vibrating vertically. When you exercise on the vibration machine it will not make any noise like other machines in the market. In the fitness industry the most popular exercise machine is the vibration machine and power plate. Users have used this for a long time and got good results out of it and they have lost considerable amount of weight from the body.

Workouts with vibration plates

You can carry out simple exercises on the vibration plate like squats, standing up on it and lunges. Exercising on this machine will not only help you to focus on one part of the body but will help you in maintaining overall body fitness. While you exercise your muscles are enhanced. This machine works effectively and gives result with routine10 minutes of workouts. The blood flow in the body is also improved by reducing weight from the body. In every way the vibration plate is effective and it is not at all a scam. Everyone who doubts the effectiveness of the machine will get a clear idea after knowing all the features and functions.
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All answers to all questions

Vibration machine  is the latest rage in the world of health and fitness. Many people know about it and are aware of its benefits. But, the number of informed people is still low. There are many who are aware of this fitness equipment but are skeptical about its usage and benefits. They have numerous questions and doubts in their mind. Here is an attempt made to clear off their doubts and queries. Following are some frequently asked questions with answers. Hope, they increase your knowledge and trust in this machine.

What is a vibration machine?
A Vibration machine is an equipment that was developed by Russian scientists for assisting astronauts to combat muscle loss. Now, it has been released in the market for common mass people to derive health benefits that includes weight loss, improved blood circulation, increased toned muscle mass, improved body flexibility, etc. The standard piece of vibration machine has a vibrating plate and handle-bars on both the sides. The user is supposed encouraged to stand on the vibrating plate while holding the handle bars to maintain balance.

How does it work?
Beneath the vibration platform, lies a vibration plate. It runs to generate vibrations. When you stand on the platform and put on the plate, your whole body shakes or moves. This creates disturbance in the internal environment in your body. It directs your brain to work to maintain balance. It involves all your body parts to work towards achieving this goal. In the process, different parts of your body lose weight, gain muscles and become more flexible. In other words, your body derives all those health benefits which are obtained by workout likes walking.

Is this machine recommendable to all?
No, usage of vibration machine is not recommendable to all. You are strictly advised not to use it if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure or have undergone surgery in the recent past. You can use it when you are fit and fine. To be on the safe side, kindly refer to a fitness expert or a medical practitioner.

Can I lose weight faster on vibration machine?    
You can lose weight with this machine faster by following some tips. Do not miss out on the standard weight loss methods. More clearly, follow a healthy diet and lead a physically active lifestyle. Include cereals, green leafy vegetables, fruits and milk to your regular diet. Stay away from junk foods. Be physically active throughout a day. Take a stroll after every 2 hours. Walk down a distance, use stairs instead of lifts wherever possible. Most importantly, use a vibration machine right after working out for at least 20 minutes. To derive the best possible results, do it in the morning with an empty stomach. You can fasten and enhance the effects derived from vibration machine’s usage by performing some weight training or stretching exercises while standing on it. Some of the commonly carried out exercises are bridge, lunges and leg press.

Are there side effects associated with vibration machine?
A vibration machine causes low impact on your body. So, it does not affect your bone joints and knees. You are comparatively less likely to develop joint or knee problems than by performing high impact workouts like jogging and running. However, each individual’s body is different and unique in its own way. It is always advisable to seek a professional’s guidance and supervision for using a vibration machine. Alternatively, search for 10 minutes fitness vibration machine over the Internet and gain as much information as needed to satisfy your curiosity.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About 10 Minute Fitness

10 minute fitness is a company that is dedicated to sharing the huge benefits of whole body vibration with the world while offering a fun, convenient and a highly effective solution to the health and fitness needs of their customers. When speaking about 10 minute fitness, they seek to make a positive difference in the world by developing a culture of fitness that is deeply rooted in their studios with the help of whole body vibration. 10 minute fitness is also committed in creating dynamic and strong opportunity for their franchises and all their employees and trainers throughout their system.  They would continue to provide the best and highest quality products with latest innovations in the industry. 

10 minute fitness history

Founded in 2010, 10 minute fitness is the one of the first whole body vibration studio franchise system in the United States. Their first model studio located in Downtown Houston in Texas proved to be an immediate success as they introduced the public to an innovative way to reach their fitness goals through the 10 minute workouts. They even have a second location opened in Houston in early 2011 and several more locations are currently under construction as their goal is to expand nationwide.

The studios

All the 10 minute fitness studios are equipped with the finest technology in whole body vibration machines. They mainly focus on the oscillating vibration machines as they provide the highest value and the widest range of benefits. The certified and professional whole body vibration trainers are available all times in the studio to introduce new customers to 10 minute workouts and even provide advice and guidance to them on how to maximize the use of machines and other benefits of 10 minute fitness. Most of their studios are also well equipped with infrared saunas and all the studios offer a complete line of whole body vibration workout accessories and spa products. Their different 10 minute fitness locations not just function as studios offering pay per use and unlimited membership options but are also as a showroom where you can purchase vibration machines for your home use.

10 minute fitness products

The company is constantly pushing the cutting edge technology of whole body vibration machine. So, with major advances in development and design of new equipments they are constantly expanding the boundaries of this fitness can be applied to further broaden the vast benefits they offer and even stay ahead in competition. In the about us session they provide you an impressive line up of ancillary retain products which are carefully selected to provide quality, uniqueness and original creativity in delivering complimentary and additional benefits to their whole body vibration machines. You can assure to get the machines for your use at affordable prices from their vibration machine store.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deals and Special Offers you can find on 10 Minute Fitness

Setting up a 10 minute fitness franchise can be quite beneficial for your business growth. The entire model of the franchise system depends on the success of individual franchisees. Therefore 10 minute fitness has recognized this and also honors it by striving to provide the best support and expertise possible to their franchisees. Moreover they have also designed some special offers and deals that you can benefit from.

The benefits from 10 minute fitness

There are several key benefits to success for every 10 minute fitnes studio. Therefore first is the value of their wide range of benefits that their customers enjoy. This is quite evident in the number of heart-felt testimonials they receive. They always strive to keep their offers and benefits real and also to be able to deliver on everything they claim to offer. The strength of their business model and the services they provide makes it needless to resort to tactics of false promises or overstated expectations and this genuine approach is what perfectly describes 10 minute fitness as a brand and fitness company.

Another key to 10 minute fitness success is that they keep their pricing low with the aim it is accessible to every broad audience. Moreover they even don’t believe in locking customers into compulsions of membership contracts. Most of the fitness clubs and facilities require such memberships as they are afraid of losing their customers, but it is different with 10 minute fitness. They have more to offer in both special offers, deals and professional workout training that makes their customers come back for more specialized fitness training.

Special offers and deals

In case you are looking out for fitness studios for your health and fitness training then 10 minute fitness could be a suitable option to consider. This is because currently there are some special deals and offers that you could benefit from. There are coupons being offered to people who would like to take whole body vibration training. You can find these coupons online on the official 10 minute fitness website where it is available to be downloaded free. So, when you have this coupon, you could enjoy a free trial or session of workout when you redeem this coupon card. Jut 10 minutes of training on the vibration machine is sufficient for an hour spent at the gym.

There is also another coupon that you can find online on their website which can be downloaded for free as well. With this promotional coupon card you can purchase the VT-15 vibration machine at a discounted price. This vibration machine is one of their new inclusions in the 10 minute studio and you can purchase it for your home use at discounted price.