Thursday, April 28, 2011

VT-12 Vibration Machine

What do you do when you have 10 minutes off during the day? Munch on a snack, go on a coffee break or perhaps just surf the internet? What if you can lose weight and make your body super fit by practicing 10 minute fitness? Yes, exercising on the VT-12 vibration machine will help do exactly what it’s supposed to – make you flexible, slim and fit! Vibration machine has been successfully utilized by the health, wellness and fitness industry since the late 1960s. The benefits are amazing and unbelievable. Try the VT-12 vibration machine for 10 minutes and spending spare time will never be the same again!

Benefits of VT-12 vibration machine

A vibration machine helps improve muscle strength by flexing the muscle 2 times faster than any weight lifting exercise. The reflex action improves fast while you work on a vibration machine. In addition to this, a vibration machine helps you recover from chronic fatigue and burn fat simultaneously. A whole body vibration will also help make your bones strong and increase their density. This, in turn treats osteoporosis, a bone disease that results in thinning of bone tissue. While your metabolism rises by working on vibration machine, the fat in your body easily transforms into muscle and you lose weight noticeably.

Why choose VT-12 vibration machine

The whole body vibration stimulates blood circulation, thus lowering blood pressure and reducing unwanted cellulite in your body. Further, working out on a vibration machine helps toxins to be removed from your body, allowing more oxygen in the cells which in turn boosts energy. Unlike other form of rigorous exercises, vibration machine ensures low impact on your joints, reducing swelling and increasing muscle repair. Tzone vibration machine is known for its unique and efficient oscillatory function, which helps treat different kinds of medical conditions including back injuries, sports related injuries and serious bone ailments like 

Know your VT-12 vibration machine

People from different fields have found tzone vibration machine to be helpful in strengthening their muscles, rehabilitation process and preventing injuries. VT-12 vibration machine comes with many advantages. For starters, it calculates your body fat for tracking your progress, depending on your height, weight, gender and age. This is one of the best 10 minute fitness machines available in market currently. The LED screen is easy on your eyes with its large display and features time/speed along with Auto/Fat scan. The oscillation motion of this vibration machine attributes to a safe and effective exercise regime. You can set the speed from 1 to 70, depending on your status of fitness. The VT-12 comes with a motor warranty of 5 years, parts warranty of 2 years and amplitude of 1-10 mm.


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