Friday, March 11, 2011

VT-8 Vibration Machine

Here at 10 Minute Fitness we’re very excited to tell you about the VT-8 whole body vibration machine. Vibration training was used by space programs to increase the strength of astronauts, so you know it works! Vibration training consists of exercises performed while on a vibration plate or vibration exercise machine. By forcing the muscles to do extra, low-impact work stabilizing the body while exercising, the results achieved are improved. Vibration training with a whole body vibration machine helps increase bone density. A vibration machine also improves strength with vibration training.

The features of VT-8 tzone vibration machine in our studio
  • Overload protection
  • 5  programs (pre-set exercise)
  • Removable handles
  • remote control
  • 50 speed  for different fitness levels
  • Full Warranty
  • FDA approval

10 Minute Fitness offers you our great whole body vibration machine for vibration training. Using our vibration machine you can achieve your fitness goals. It’s easy to do vibration training. Just do vibration training exercises while standing on the vibration plate and the vibration machine will do the rest.

This new vibration exercise machine is small enough that you can fit a vibration machine in your home! Our whole body vibration machine is the best vibration exercise machine for your home. It fits neatly into nearly any space, and the vibration plate is just the right size for a personal vibration machine so it is great for at home vibration exercise. Machines like this are hard to find! 10 Minute Fitness can offer you a vibration machine to meet your vibration training goals.

Have you seen a whole body vibration machine at the gym or physical therapist and wondered how it works? A vibration exercise machine increases the effects of exercise without adding weight. That’s why 10 Minute Fitness is so excited about this whole body vibration machine product! Vibration exercise is great for all kinds of people: seniors looking to increase bone density, runners, athletes, and even regular people looking to improve their fitness routine. It’s the best vibration exercise machine we’ve seen. It’s so easy to get fit with a vibration machine; we want to use our whole body vibration machine all the time, and no other machine compares to the VT-8 vibration machine for our needs.

The best part is that it’s easy to adapt exercises for the whole body vibration machine. Use the vibration plate as a platform for your hands to do vibration pushups, or just walk or run in place on your vibration exercise machine. The vibration in the exercise machine helps challenge your muscles and create more effective results when you exercise.

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