Monday, May 2, 2011

VT-20 Vibration Machine

If you are worried about those extra pounds and want to get it reduced at any cost then you must do vibration exercise on the VT 20 T-zone vibration machine. The whole body vibration machine in the 10 minute fitness studio offers whole body fitness in just 10 minute. To help you in workouts and help you to achieve fitness level you can get lot of brands offering you different vibration machines. Ten minute fitness offers machine that is effective and affordable. This vibration machine has a vibration plate that makes your vibration workout process simpler. If you are health conscious then you have taken the right decision to workout with the vibration exercise machine at ten minute fitness.

Features of VT-20 vibration machine

The VT 20 T-zone vibration machine will help you to lose weight, get stronger muscles you ever had and keep you healthy and fit. The vibration machine is different from the other normal exercise machines. Generally with other machines you need to jump on the machine yet you do not get the desired result because they are ineffective machines. You have to do a whole body workout on the vibration machine for 10 minutes in order to get fitness. The whole body vibration machine gives you vibration fitness and this is the reason for the popularity of this machine.

The VT-20 has a higher speed (max speed of 99) and weight capacity (350 lbs) than other vibration machines and a stronger motor.  It also has weight-pressure control, that allows the motor to keep a constant speed regardless of the amount of weight that is put on the plate.  This means that you can rely on the VT-20 to always produces consistent vibration.  In the electronics, the VT-20 has sessions of varying times rather than always 10 minutes.  The programs run anywhere from 8 minutes to 12 minutes, and change speeds every 30 seconds to give your body as much tempo variation as possible, while still staying on a speed long enough for it to give you the desired benefits of that speed.

How to use VT-20 vibration machine

With the vibration machine you can vibrate your fat contents away from your body. With advent of new technology the 10minute fitness studio uses the vibration machine through which anyone can lose weight and achieve fitness. Here in the studio without much effort you can lose weight in lesser time. The experts at ten minute believe that the vibration machine is the most efficient and effective exercise machine so spending just 10 minute to workout can give you amazing fitness that you have ever thought of. The vibration machine is the perfect equipment of vibration exercise at home. 

Why use VT-20 vibration machine

The vibration machine will help you in achieving all your fitness and health goals in a quicker way. Earlier it was difficult to attain a well-shaped body but with the vibration machine it is not impossible to get toned and shaped body. The main concern of all men and women is to reduce fat as soon as possible so the vibration machine will be the one that they will select to get slimmer and fitter faster. If you see the benefits that people have really got from the vibration machine you will be surprised.


  1. How much does the machine cost? SO frustrating to find a product you like and no one posts a freakin price. Must be crazy expensive...

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  2. It is not expensive compare to VT-15, For more Information you can call 713.529.9300

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