Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vibration Training - It Really Works?

Places where you can use the vibration machines
Vibration training is used for fitness and therapeutic applications. With a range of benefits it is been utilized at fitness clubs, gyms, health spas and many other places. Vibration technology originated more than 20 years back in the space program (Russia) when the cosmonauts used to get training for the use of vibrating machine. Vibration Training is one of the popular and effective training that is getting lots of attention these days. Vibration plates can be easily seen in commercial gyms, many homes and in many training centers of sport teams. It is easy and effective. You just need to stand over the vibration plate and start your workout. It can be utilized for improving strength, endurance, power and enhance stretching. It can even improve bone density, testosterone and lower down the blood pressure level.

What’s all about vibration training?
Vibration training is about muscle strengthening, boosting hormonal profile, improving flexibility and increasing blood circulation. The vibration machine works on vibration therapy which accelerates body fat effectively and brings improvement in your health with different health benefits. There are several health benefits you get from the vibration training. Regular exercise can alleviate joint and back pain and increase in flexibility and motion range will lead to the improvement of mobility as well as the ability to work out more effectively. It improves muscles contraction to about 30 to 40 per second. Vibration platform stimulates muscles for contraction that helps in developing coordination and balance when walking, exercising, and standing.
Even if you stand still over the machine it will help you in building muscle since your body automatically counteracts vibrating plate movement for maintain stability. You can combine vibration training along with different activities such as stretching or weight exercise will have more effect.  Since it is not necessary that you have to follow same movements therefore this vibration machine can be used by anyone. Even the person who is recovering from illness or accident can use this to maintain right shape or can be used as a therapy for injured muscles.  You can adjust the speed of the machine according to your convenience. Vibration machine is suitable for any age group.

Merits with vibration training
Vibration Training stimulates hormone secretion which promotes in the overall development, repair bones, improves muscle mass. It even promotes fat cells breakdown and boost up your immune system. Therapists and doctors have also used vibrations for the treatment of different injuries and ailments. It has 3 different aims, one to increase the strength of muscles, second to improve balance and the third one is to increase the bone mass. When you stand over the plate you will feel that your whole body is vibrating. By standing or sitting in different position on the plate different muscles of your body are targeted. Since your body is getting vibrated constantly therefore the results are greater. Within few minutes only there will be an increase in hormone production as compared to the traditional training. Just spend 10 minutes in a day and you will definitely receive fit and fine health. 

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