Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deals and Special Offers you can find on 10 Minute Fitness

Setting up a 10 minute fitness franchise can be quite beneficial for your business growth. The entire model of the franchise system depends on the success of individual franchisees. Therefore 10 minute fitness has recognized this and also honors it by striving to provide the best support and expertise possible to their franchisees. Moreover they have also designed some special offers and deals that you can benefit from.

The benefits from 10 minute fitness

There are several key benefits to success for every 10 minute fitnes studio. Therefore first is the value of their wide range of benefits that their customers enjoy. This is quite evident in the number of heart-felt testimonials they receive. They always strive to keep their offers and benefits real and also to be able to deliver on everything they claim to offer. The strength of their business model and the services they provide makes it needless to resort to tactics of false promises or overstated expectations and this genuine approach is what perfectly describes 10 minute fitness as a brand and fitness company.

Another key to 10 minute fitness success is that they keep their pricing low with the aim it is accessible to every broad audience. Moreover they even don’t believe in locking customers into compulsions of membership contracts. Most of the fitness clubs and facilities require such memberships as they are afraid of losing their customers, but it is different with 10 minute fitness. They have more to offer in both special offers, deals and professional workout training that makes their customers come back for more specialized fitness training.

Special offers and deals

In case you are looking out for fitness studios for your health and fitness training then 10 minute fitness could be a suitable option to consider. This is because currently there are some special deals and offers that you could benefit from. There are coupons being offered to people who would like to take whole body vibration training. You can find these coupons online on the official 10 minute fitness website where it is available to be downloaded free. So, when you have this coupon, you could enjoy a free trial or session of workout when you redeem this coupon card. Jut 10 minutes of training on the vibration machine is sufficient for an hour spent at the gym.

There is also another coupon that you can find online on their website which can be downloaded for free as well. With this promotional coupon card you can purchase the VT-15 vibration machine at a discounted price. This vibration machine is one of their new inclusions in the 10 minute studio and you can purchase it for your home use at discounted price.


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