Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About 10 Minute Fitness

10 minute fitness is a company that is dedicated to sharing the huge benefits of whole body vibration with the world while offering a fun, convenient and a highly effective solution to the health and fitness needs of their customers. When speaking about 10 minute fitness, they seek to make a positive difference in the world by developing a culture of fitness that is deeply rooted in their studios with the help of whole body vibration. 10 minute fitness is also committed in creating dynamic and strong opportunity for their franchises and all their employees and trainers throughout their system.  They would continue to provide the best and highest quality products with latest innovations in the industry. 

10 minute fitness history

Founded in 2010, 10 minute fitness is the one of the first whole body vibration studio franchise system in the United States. Their first model studio located in Downtown Houston in Texas proved to be an immediate success as they introduced the public to an innovative way to reach their fitness goals through the 10 minute workouts. They even have a second location opened in Houston in early 2011 and several more locations are currently under construction as their goal is to expand nationwide.

The studios

All the 10 minute fitness studios are equipped with the finest technology in whole body vibration machines. They mainly focus on the oscillating vibration machines as they provide the highest value and the widest range of benefits. The certified and professional whole body vibration trainers are available all times in the studio to introduce new customers to 10 minute workouts and even provide advice and guidance to them on how to maximize the use of machines and other benefits of 10 minute fitness. Most of their studios are also well equipped with infrared saunas and all the studios offer a complete line of whole body vibration workout accessories and spa products. Their different 10 minute fitness locations not just function as studios offering pay per use and unlimited membership options but are also as a showroom where you can purchase vibration machines for your home use.

10 minute fitness products

The company is constantly pushing the cutting edge technology of whole body vibration machine. So, with major advances in development and design of new equipments they are constantly expanding the boundaries of this fitness can be applied to further broaden the vast benefits they offer and even stay ahead in competition. In the about us session they provide you an impressive line up of ancillary retain products which are carefully selected to provide quality, uniqueness and original creativity in delivering complimentary and additional benefits to their whole body vibration machines. You can assure to get the machines for your use at affordable prices from their vibration machine store.


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