Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Minute Fitness

Are you overweight? Want to lose weight? Don’t have time to join a gym? Well, this is not only your case. You can find laths of people with similar wishes and problems. But thanks to some fitness freak technologists. They have come up with a fantastic solution. You can call it 10 minute fitness solution. This is actually a machine which allows you to do no exercise but lose weight and come back in shape. And you not only gain a shapely body but also derive numerous health benefits like improved blood circulation, increase in muscle mass which further benefits you in maintaining body weight. You also get mental peace and improved self-esteem. Sound physical health promotes mental health and the effect of using the vibration machine on y our body shape makes you feel confident about yourself. Let’s collect some basic information about this 10 minutes fitness solution.

Vibration Machine Overview
A standard vibration machine basically has two parts, vibration platform and two handle bars, each on the side. The former has a vibrating plate underneath to generate vibrations while the latter are meant for support. A vibration machine may come equipped with accessories such as a pad to sit on, a power-moderating switch to be held by hands and straps to fasten to the sides of the vibration machine.

Vibration Machine Work Strategy
You might be wondering how you lose weight on a vibration machine. Well, it involves simple biology. When you stand on the running vibrating platform, an insecured environment gets created inside your body. This directs your brain to work all the parts together so as to maintain balance. In this process, your body loses some weight, gains muscle mass and strengthens the already existing muscles. Your body also derives numerous health benefits similar to those obtained by working out. This includes improved blood circulation and body parts co-ordination.

Vibration Machine Instructions
Before setting your foot on a vibration machine, you need to be aware of the contraindications. For an example, it is not meant for you if you are pregnant, have any sort of tumor, suffer from high blood pressure or have undergone surgery in the recent past.

You need to maintain a correct posture while making use of this 10 minute fitness solution. Proper body alignment carries utmost importance. When you are performing exercise on the vibration machine, be sure that your body weight in on your toes, your heels are slightly elevated and your knees are slightly bent. 

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