Monday, August 29, 2011

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Vibration machine  is the latest rage in the world of health and fitness. Many people know about it and are aware of its benefits. But, the number of informed people is still low. There are many who are aware of this fitness equipment but are skeptical about its usage and benefits. They have numerous questions and doubts in their mind. Here is an attempt made to clear off their doubts and queries. Following are some frequently asked questions with answers. Hope, they increase your knowledge and trust in this machine.

What is a vibration machine?
A Vibration machine is an equipment that was developed by Russian scientists for assisting astronauts to combat muscle loss. Now, it has been released in the market for common mass people to derive health benefits that includes weight loss, improved blood circulation, increased toned muscle mass, improved body flexibility, etc. The standard piece of vibration machine has a vibrating plate and handle-bars on both the sides. The user is supposed encouraged to stand on the vibrating plate while holding the handle bars to maintain balance.

How does it work?
Beneath the vibration platform, lies a vibration plate. It runs to generate vibrations. When you stand on the platform and put on the plate, your whole body shakes or moves. This creates disturbance in the internal environment in your body. It directs your brain to work to maintain balance. It involves all your body parts to work towards achieving this goal. In the process, different parts of your body lose weight, gain muscles and become more flexible. In other words, your body derives all those health benefits which are obtained by workout likes walking.

Is this machine recommendable to all?
No, usage of vibration machine is not recommendable to all. You are strictly advised not to use it if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure or have undergone surgery in the recent past. You can use it when you are fit and fine. To be on the safe side, kindly refer to a fitness expert or a medical practitioner.

Can I lose weight faster on vibration machine?    
You can lose weight with this machine faster by following some tips. Do not miss out on the standard weight loss methods. More clearly, follow a healthy diet and lead a physically active lifestyle. Include cereals, green leafy vegetables, fruits and milk to your regular diet. Stay away from junk foods. Be physically active throughout a day. Take a stroll after every 2 hours. Walk down a distance, use stairs instead of lifts wherever possible. Most importantly, use a vibration machine right after working out for at least 20 minutes. To derive the best possible results, do it in the morning with an empty stomach. You can fasten and enhance the effects derived from vibration machine’s usage by performing some weight training or stretching exercises while standing on it. Some of the commonly carried out exercises are bridge, lunges and leg press.

Are there side effects associated with vibration machine?
A vibration machine causes low impact on your body. So, it does not affect your bone joints and knees. You are comparatively less likely to develop joint or knee problems than by performing high impact workouts like jogging and running. However, each individual’s body is different and unique in its own way. It is always advisable to seek a professional’s guidance and supervision for using a vibration machine. Alternatively, search for 10 minutes fitness vibration machine over the Internet and gain as much information as needed to satisfy your curiosity.


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